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Social Stigma And Psychological Effects Of Herpes – Dealing with Herpes

When a person gets to know that he/she is suffering from a sexual disease that has no cure, it is the worst moment for him. When a person is diagnosed with herpes virus which is a sexually transmitted disease, it is common for them to experience a number of powerful emotions, especially when they have been diagnosed with genital herpes (HSV2).

Emotional effects of herpes

Emotional effects of herpesMany people think how a sexually transmitted disease can affect someone mentally and emotionally. But for many, the impact is beyond the physical effects of an infection. People who have herpes feel embarrassment, fear, guilt and shame in telling anyone they have it. If you are suffering from herpes virus, you need to keep in mind that you are not alone and it is not a shameful thing.
Statistics show that herpes is a very common disease; about one out of six people in USA have it.

You won’t believe it but some individual feel that they are being punished by god for their sexual activity and fall into depression, anxiety, suffer from low self-esteem and wondering if anyone will date them or be sexual with them again.

anxiety and stressThere are intense emotions which create a great problem of anxiety and stress in people. For those who are infected with genital herpes, they will most likely express feelings of anger and resentment against their sexual partner who is responsible for their infection. However, it is important to know that genital herpes is not always an indication that a person has been unfaithful. These psychological responses on being diagnosed with herpes are universal for people of all ages.

Frequent outbreaks of herpes can lead to more emotional problems. Blisters of herpes on mouth, lips and on genital parts can cause pain, itchiness and redness to the skin. They are difficult to handle. If the blisters appear on the face they are difficult to hide, which is really uncomfortable situation for anyone. Read more to know about how to deal with herpes.

How to get rid of herpes stigma?

The way to get over these feelings is to challenge the assumptions on which they are based. Does genital herpes make you less attractive? Of course not, because it is not necessary that you experience the frequent outbreaks for the rest of your life. The right way is to accept that you have herpes and take the first step towards healing with the right knowledge, awareness and support so that the infection can be managed effectively.Genital Herpes Infection

It is true that herpes has no cure but that does not mean end of your life and it cannot take over your life unless you give it power to do so. Living with herpes means learning about it, to know how to minimize symptoms of herpes and facing life without any condition holding you back.

You can easily manage your symptoms with the help of some anti-herpes medicines and natural supplements. Herbal remedies for herpes are considered best in order to manage the herpes symptoms. They will reduce the appearance of blisters as well as pain and itchiness and are with you on the way of dealing with herpes. You can live your life like before even with herpes if you take some preventive steps. You don’t need to feel guilt for having herpes and even you can enjoy your sexual life by adopting right treatment options.