Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is a statement or legal document of a company that elaborates why any company takes your information, how your data is going to be used, will your information be shared with third parties or not and many of such concerns that should be feared online. This privacy policy belongs to We do not store any of your personal, confidential as well as public information such as your name, email id, mobile number, or any of the information that we don’t think should be necessary here without your consent or until you don’t provide it voluntary. Your provided data will be protected at all cost as we understand your security concerns. We are committed to preserving your online data and make you feel safe and secure during online visit to our website. We do not share any of your information to any of our third-party counterparts as we think this could be violation of your right to privacy. We want to apprise you that please do not share any of your confidential information such as your debit or credit card information, your health related history and any information that you don’t think should be necessary to provide here. We use cookies that means your data is going to be tracked such as your username, mobile number, email id which browser and operating system you are using, what you like in order to assist you during the next visit to our website and improving our quality of services. reserves the right to disclose any of your information if we think is necessary in some emergency situations or required by the law. If it believes that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law. It also reserves the right to change its privacy policy without any prior notice to its customers or clients.