Cornstarch for cold sores

Cold Sores – Are They the Symptoms of Herpes ?

Cold sores are unappealing sores that can snatch the beauty of your face as they generally develop on the lips and mouth. Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus 1 and they are painful as well as embarrassing too.

Cold sores are a type of infection which can cause red, painful and fluid-filled blisters on the mouth and lips. Cold sores spread through direct and indirect contacts such as kissing, oral sex or using same lip balm. If your cold sores break, you become vulnerable to second infection as well. It is better to start its treatment as soon as they appear on your body. Although having to suffer from this disease may make the process seems insufferable at times, but that does not mean you need to bear the side effects of prescribed medicines or creams forever. There are several herbal supplements which can reduce the severity of pain, ease the symptoms as well as reduce the number of outbreaks.

Cornstarch for cold sores

Cornstarch for cold sores is one of the effective natural remedies for herpes cure that can give you amazing results if used regularly. It is obvious thing that herpes virus 1 that causes cold sores needs an acidic environment to thrive. If we change the pH level of the afflicted area into an alkaline environment, it can help in getting rid of the infection and pushing the virus back into a state of dormancy. You can achieve this with the help of this amazing home remedy-‘cornstarch for cold sores’.

You might be wondering if a fine paste of cornstarch and water can help in soothing pain of a wound, it would definitely soothe a cold sore as well. Applying a fine paste of cornstarch with water on the cold sores helps in reducing the itching sensation as well frequent herpes outbreaks. If you regularly apply the cornstarch on the cold sores or on the affected parts, it will significantly reduce the pain, redness, itching and appearance of blisters.

You simply need to make a fine paste by adding one teaspoon of both cornstarch and water. For thin consistency, you can add little more water. Apply the paste with the help of cotton swab on the cold sore and leave it overnight. Follow this remedy every night until the cold sores vanish completely. You can try this natural remedy at any time.

cornstarch for cold sores

The only thing you need to remember is that clean the surface before following the procedure for better results. The best thing about this natural remedy for cold sores is that it will not cause any itching, inflammation and irritation. Therefore, you can try this remedy as much as possible for effective results.

Cornstarch for cold sores are one of the effective and safe remedies which can give you desired results within some days. Cold sores caused by herpes virus are really annoying and you may feel ashamed and low self-esteem due to their ugly appearance on your face. Every single person wants to get rid of these annoying cold sores as soon as possible and for this you might have tried antivirals or creams. They might have given you side effects and you are still using because you think that antivirals are the last options. Let me tell you guys, antivirals are not the last options for you. There are some effective herbal remedies which can give you good results without giving any adverse effects.

Cornstarch for cold sores is one such remedy that can give you startling results in reducing the cold sores. If you are bothering with your cold sores and want to get rid of them fast, without any delay try this remedy and you will get assured results. Read more to know details about cornstarch for cold sores.

Apart from cornstarch, there are many more home remedies for cold sores treatment that can help you in the same direction. One out of them is hydrogen peroxide which is claimed to help you get rid of cold sores in a really effective and side-effects free manner. Click here to know details about hydrogen peroxide for cold sores.