How To Save Your Unborn Child From Herpes. During Pregnancy Precautions

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According to a survey conducted back in 2015, on average, around 1500 cases of neonatal herpes are reported every year. This means 1500 newborns are affected by herpes every year. Isn’t it too much? Yes, it is definitely too much for a small baby to struggle with a dreadful infection right after opening his eyes. Pregnancy is a wonderful phase of every woman’s life, until they realize that they have herpes. Herpes in itself is a huge challenge to face, but, when you get to know about it during your pregnancy, it is more of a shock. You are carrying your unborn child in your womb and the baby is deeply connected with you. The connection is so close that whatever you eat, drink and think can influence your child. Knowing this, herpes during pregnancy and carrying the herpes simplex virus inside your body isn’t pleasing at all. When you become pregnant, many beautiful changes follow in your body. Sometimes, you feel sick and sometimes, out of the world. Your eating habits may change and initially, you may feel dizzy too. The experience of pregnancy varies from woman to woman, but, when you see the symptoms of herpes appearing during this time, you mind may not reach herpes. Till the time you see cold sores appearing on your skin, you may take it as a part of pregnancy sickness and flu. Initially, when a herpes outbreak is about to start, you would feel sick, may have high fever and nausea will follow. As you can see, most of these are natural in pregnancy, and hence anyone can misunderstand them for being normal.

However, the problem arises when some of the distinctive symptoms of herpes start appearing. Some of them are cold sores and fluid filled blisters. Well, anyone else can afford to ignore these symptoms but not you. Because it is about your unborn baby, anything unusual should be reported to the doctor immediately. With this practice, you will have a safe pregnancy. Yes, even if you have herpes, you can have a perfectly healthy baby. How? We will tell you in a short while, but, before that, let us see exactly what herpes is during pregnancy and how much it can affect your baby.

Herpes is the infection caused by herpes simplex virus. It is the same virus that causes the herpes during pregnancy as well. All the symptoms and the method of diagnosis are the same. Hence, there is nothing new to talk about in neonatal herpes transmission and symptoms. Now, there can be two cases. One is you are a long time herpes sufferer and know about your infection at the time you conceived. This is the easier one because you are already aware of the infection and only need to know the precautions during pregnancy for herpes. Not only this, you must have passed that difficult phase when you were first diagnosed with the infection. Also, already established infection is not at all much danger to your baby. You only have 2% chances of transmitting it to your child while delivering if you are a long time sufferer.

On the other hand, if you are diagnosed with herpes during pregnancy only, the chances of transmission increase to 25%. The problem is that you are not sure of the infection, its pattern and anything else. Over and above this, the only hope herpes patients have today are some natural treatments. But you cannot use them because you are pregnant. Hence, despite all the side effects, to save your baby from herpes, you have to rely on antiviral therapies only. Yes, herpes is bad, and herpes during pregnancy is worst, but, it is true that you can control the transmission. With the help of some precautions during pregnancy for herpes, you can not only minimize the chances of transmission, but you will have a healthy baby. Here are some of the precautions during pregnancy for herpes.

  • The first of all the precautions during pregnancy for herpes is to consult your doctor regularly. As stated earlier, you cannot rely on some of the extremely effective natural methods of treating herpes like herpoveda because you are pregnant; allopathy is your only hope during this time. To improve your chances of being able to deliver a healthy herpes free baby vaginally, most experts recommend that pregnant women with recurrent genital herpes be offered oral antiviral medication from 36 weeks or so until delivery. This will reduce the chances of an outbreak during the delivery and you will be able to deliver a healthy baby, that too normally.
  • The second precaution on the list of precautions during pregnancy for herpes is to keep a check on yourself. You have to be extra vigilant during all these nine months, especially when you are in labor as this is the most critical time. Check yourself for any symptoms of herpes in or near your genitals, and immediately inform if you find anything suspicious. This will reduce the chances of you delaying the diagnosis of herpes during pregnancy.
  • According to a recent report, almost eighty-five percent of neonatal infections( herpes in newborns) occur when the baby passes through the birth canal, often when a woman is shedding the virus but has no symptoms. Hence at the time of delivery your chances of delivering via caesarean are very high if you had herpes primary outbreak during the late stage of your pregnancy. In case you are doubtful about your outbreak status, or have experienced some of the symptoms of herpes a few days before your delivery, report this to your doctor.

With these precautions during pregnancy for herpes, it is not difficult to save your baby from herpes. There are least chances of your transferring infection when your baby is in womb. So, you can relax that he or she is safe inside. But, the real challenge in herpes during pregnancy is to keep the newborn safe during delivery process. For this, we have talked about the precautions during pregnancy for herpes. Apart from these precautions during pregnancy for herpes, you also have to be careful when the baby is in the world. Newborn babies are extremely low in immunity and hence are susceptible to all such infections. So, not only in womb, but also outside in this harsh world, till they develop their own immunity, it is your responsibility to take good care of your child.

If you have herpes, try to wash your hands before touching your newborn. Don’t allow anyone to come too close to your baby. This may sound harsh, but, be strict and don’t let anyone kiss your baby. This is important for the safety of your loved one. With these precautions during pregnancy for herpes and the precautions after delivery, you can not only ensure a healthy, but also a herpes free baby. Yes, it is easy said that done, but it is not impossible. And because it is for your baby, I know you will go to any extent to ensure a healthy future for your unborn baby. So, enjoy your pregnancy and preserve a healthy baby in your body with these precautions during pregnancy for herpes.


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