It Is Not Actually Herpes: – 5 Common Ailments That People Mistakenly Think As Herpes

ailments of herpes

{its not herpes; herpes or something else? }

Herpes is extremely common, so common that one of every 6 people between the age of 14 to 49 has genital herpes at some point in their lives. Yes, you should be worried about it because of its ease of transmission. But, sometimes, it just takes over the minds of not only herpes sufferers, but also those who haven’t yet caught the infection. Some live in a threat 24*7 and a normal skin rash can appear to them as an indication to cold sore. It is unfortunate, but the threat of herpes in our society is actually this deep. Previously it was important to know about the symptoms and causes of herpes infection. Till date, there is no solution for herpes in allopathic medicinal system. This fact has made almost everyone in the United States as well as other countries take the infection seriously. When you know you cannot control its transmission and cannot treat it either, you are left with no other choice. Hence, with enough of knowledge about herpes and a threat to getting the incurable disease, many have started seeing herpes everywhere. Hence, it is time to talk about how to find out whether it is herpes or something else.

It would be wonderful to finally hear it from your doctor that its not herpes. But, till that time, you would regret every moment of your life. Some don’t even need a doctors word and conclude themselves that they have been cursed by God. It is true that doctors cannot do anything in treating herpes, but it is better to take help from them for diagnosis. Anyways, based on the analysis of years of data collected and stories shared by doctors and patients, we have come up with 5 common ailments that raise the question herpes or something else. These are the cases when patients get lucky and listen to their most memorable announcement from someone (its not herpes).

  1. Trichomoniasis: You might not have heard about it, but, trichomoniasis is also a sexually transmitted infection. Although it is caused by a parasite, the symptoms closely resembles with those of herpes. Itching, burning sensation and redness in the vaginal area followed by vaginal discharge are the common characteristics of trichomoniasis. And these make it obvious that someone who has heard of herpes so frequently will mistakenly think of it as herpes. So, if you think herpes is the only sexually transmitted infection, trust me there are many others. Its just that herpes has been given much hype.
  2. Boils: An extremely common infection that affects the hair follicles and surrounding skin area is boils. The initial stage of boils is a red lump that gives it a look of herpes cold sores when it fills with fluid. The fluid filled blister like appearance can make any patient terrified by the thought that it is herpes. But, with time you would realize that its not herpes at all.
  3. Ordinary pimples and Skin rashes: It may be hard to digest but patients come to doctors complaining of suffering from all the symptoms of herpes. Actually, a pimple when develops a secondary infection leads to fever and tiredness. But, herpes is all they think about and are afraid of having the sexually transmitted infection. As a result, they literally map the symptoms with those of herpes. Yes, they do think and suffer mentally a lot, but when they hear that its not herpes, the joy cannot be described in words.
  4. Bacterial vaginosis: An imbalance in the good and bad bacteria levels in the vagina gives an impression that is herpes. Unusual thick discharge, tiredness and itching in the vaginal section are some symptoms that take anyone’s mind towards genital herpes. Especially in females, it is really difficult to stay safe and hence the doubt is also obvious. However, before concluding anything, it is advised to consult a doctor to confirm whether it is herpes or something else.
  5. Urinary tract infections: Urinary tract infections again are more common in females because of their anatomy. Not only the symptoms of Urinary tract infection like redness and itching in the vaginal area, white colored discharge are the same as they are in herpes, but the reoccurring nature is also the same. Although urinary tract infections are not sexually transmitted, they have a tendency to reoccur. And consecutive episodes of urinary tract infections can create a doubt in any mind. If not after the first attack, after the second one you would surely think about- whether it is herpes or something else.

These were five problems that people mistakenly think as herpes. In reality, these were only 5 common ailments that are mistaken as herpes and there are many others. We cannot describe the entire list here. Nor can you remember all the problems resembling herpes. Hence, try to fix what is constant and easy. Let us try not to be afraid of herpes. This is the main problem and hence we should aim at achieving this goal. Now you may think it is easy said than done. However, natural solutions like herpoveda have killed the threat of herpes by providing a comprehensive and permanent answer to the infection. Hence, whenever you feel like it is herpes or its not herpes, just go to the doctor and get it diagnosed. Either you will be lucky enough to hear that its not herpes and an ordinary herpes or you will hear it otherwise. In the later case, just use natural yet scientific products like herpoveda to eliminate both- herpes as well as the fear of getting it.



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