Symptoms Of Herpes - Signs And Indications That You Might Have Herpes

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According to US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement, one out of two positive diagnoses of herpes could be false. Yes, this is alarming, and probably because more than 25% of the diagnosis are done with visual examination alone. Well, we were not sure about the treatment for herpes, but now this questions the entire scenario. Several reviews and survey data has indicated that there are many people who have been misdiagnosed with herpes. On the other hand, there are also cases of people living with the virus carrying inside their bodies without even knowing about it. Both are equally dangerous. In the former situation, we are actually ruining life of people by telling them a lie. But how can the later one be dangerous? Carrying the virus inside your body and not being aware of it might sound great, but in reality it is not. Can you imagine how vulnerable the people around you can be? Yes, you might not have experienced any outbreaks because of higher immunity and some other factors. But, even with mild symptoms, you can be an active transmitter. Until and unless you are highly selfish, living with the guilt of ruining many lives is also equally difficult. So, we will today see the symptoms of herpes in detail. Following this will be a comprehensive list of symptoms of herpes as well as some distinguishing signs of herpes.

Symptoms Of Herpes

Considering the rate at which the infection is spreading and the cases of misdiagnosis being brought into notice, it important that you take a note of all the symptoms of herpes as well as the distinguishing signs of herpes. Here is a comprehensive list of all the symptoms of herpes along with the details of each sign.

Mild to High Fever

In most of the cases, the beginning of a herpes outbreak is marked by mild to high fever. Human body temperature rises to give a signal to the immune system that something wrong is going on inside the body. High fever is one of the very common symptoms of herpes, but, it is unfortunately not among the distinguishing signs of herpes. You can have fever as a result of many infections and a dozen of other diseases. So, it is obviously difficult, in fact, nearly impossible to relate this common problem with the tragic infection. The herpes patient can experience high fever immediately after the virus enters your body, or can even hit you after a few weeks of being infected. In many other cases, it is also possible that the fever is so mild to be noticed. The intensity and pattern may vary, but, it is noticed that in most of the cases the primary outbreak will be accompanied with high fever and the subsequent outbreaks will be mild. It will take time for your body to come back to normal temperature on its own and hence you may have to take help from antibiotics to deal with it.

Flu-Like Symptoms

Fever is definitely among the very common symptoms of herpes, but we can have it due to other problems as well. Here, we see another such symptom that is commonly seen in case of herpes, but is also a sign of other infections. Apart from fever, you will also see flu like symptoms troubling your normal routine. Fever combined with sore throat, sneezing and sometimes cold will give you an illusion that it is because of season change. Yet again, this is also not a distinguishing signs of herpes, but if you have a doubt and flu is there, it can be herpes. However, in order to make fever and flu distinguishing symptoms of herpes, you have to carefully observe for the presence of other symptoms of herpes. Combined with other symptoms of herpes, both are more that a hint that it is herpes and nothing else.

Nausea And Sickness

An unexplained nausea and feeling of sickness that cannot be described in words will take over your body. Nausea is the feeling of sickness with intent to vomit again and again. Not only during the day, but it makes the patients feel very uncomfortable to sleep sometimes. The feeling of nausea doesn’t allow one to eat as well. You will feel nauseous all the time. Sometimes vomiting can also follow the feeling of sickness, but, most of the time; it would be the feeling of unease and vomiting with nothing coming out trust me it is even worse than actual vomiting. This is one of the distinguishing signs of herpes because you would not have such a feeling until and unless you are pregnant.

Pain In Body

You will either have body ache with every part of your ailing, or just headache and a few muscles being affected. In case of entire body ache, from head to toe, every body part of yours will tell you that something is not right with your body. Frequent headaches for no reason, muscle aches and feeling of tiredness will not leave you for about five days. Again, these are not any of the distinguishing signs of herpes, but, these are most troubling symptoms of herpes for sure. For tackling with this too, your doctor may prescribe you with pain killers. You may take a few, but consider the side effects of every pill you are taking.

Problems In Urination

Suddenly, the color of your urine will change as if it is speaking of the infection. One of the symptoms of herpes is change in color of urine. However, this may not be one of the distinguishing symptoms of herpes for those who are on antibiotics. In case you are taking medicines for fever, flu or pain, your urine will turn pale in color because of the side effects of the medicine. But, if urination is becoming hellishly painful also, this definitely is one of the distinguishing symptoms of herpes. Many herpes patients have reported that while urinating, the burning sensation and pain experienced will clearly indicate that it is probably herpes, and it is time to get tested. Hence, if you have some or all of the symptoms of herpes, and this too is added recently, get yourself tested.

Tingling And Burning Sensation

your skin will also give you some distinguishing signs of herpes. You might now think of cold sores. Yes, cold sores are definitely one of the distinguishing symptoms of herpes, but even before the appearance of cold sores, you will start feeling an unusual tingling and burning sensation on various parts of your skin. This is a clear indication of the onset of cold sores and blisters. This tingling will also tell you that herpes outbreak is about to hit your skin too hard. It requires a lot of knowledge to relate this tingling to herpes. With experience and observation, you can clearly tell that it is going to be the next herpes outbreak coming to you in the next two days. Let us now accept that we all are equally susceptible to herpes, and gather more information about the symptoms of herpes to make things easy.


What initially appears to be just a normal tingling is soon going to take the form of itching. This is the second indication that cold sores are about to appear. Itching sensation in the area where blisters will appear is one of the distinguishing signs of herpes. To make them defining symptoms of herpes, try to see the presence of itching accompanied by fever and flu like condition. This will give you a clear indication towards herpes. now, if you are smart enough to notice, all the three combined are distinguishing signs of herpes.

Cold Sores And Fluid Filled Blisters

Finally, herpes simplex virus will mark its presence in your body by harming your skin with cold sore and fluid filled blisters. If you cannot take a hint from the above listed distinguishing signs of herpes, this would yell out not only to you but also the world that you have herpes. Genital herpes is the infection that affects the lower parts of body and oral herpes will attack right on your face. All the above stated symptoms of herpes are common for both the types of herpes infections. However the site of occurrence of cold sores and blisters will define which type of herpes you are suffering from. Genital herpes sores can appear inside or on the penis, scrotum, groin & thighs, buttocks, around the anus and Urethra (the channel inside the penis leading to the bladder). Women can develop sores in the buttocks or thighs, anus, vagina, external genitals, cervix and the urinary tract. However, in case of oral herpes, the upper part of your body will be affected by cold sores. Earlier it was believed that herpes simplex type 1 causes oral herpes and herpes simplex type 2 is the reason behind genital herpes. However, recently it was observed that herpes simplex type 1 could also cause genital herpes.

And In The Worst Case

You might think of cold sores as the worst case of herpes. But, in reality, it is actually just herpes. Herpes means cold sores and all these symptoms and sometimes, even more. Apart from all the symptoms of herpes during the herpes outbreak, the effects will last longer. You won’t do any work, and still would be tired to do anything. Fatigue will continue for about two weeks of your first herpes outbreak. it is also observed in many cases that patients skip work even for a longer duration. And guess what, this is not all. If you don’t take proper care of the infection, ignoring it may also lead to swelling in the neck lymph nodes. Yes. The flu like symptoms may progress to the lymph node, affecting the entire throat and also the lymph nodes.

These were the symptoms of herpes that everyone should know. Yes, not only the herpes patients, but everyone in this world should be aware of this list of distinguishing signs of herpes. If you are unfortunate, you will sometime in future experience some or all of these. Once you note that the problems you are encountering resemble the list of symptoms of herpes, it is time to get tested. It is important to get herpes tested as early as it is possible because with these concrete and reliable medical tests only you can accept that you are infected. Early diagnosis has another major benefit for those who are close to you. The earlier you get to know that you have herpes, the more lives you will be able to save from the herpes virus. Once again, because it is herpes and we don’t like talking openly about it, which test to go for is also a dilemma? There are many ways to be sure whether you have herpes or not, and selecting the wrong test contributes to the misdiagnosis greatly.

One option, and the commonly chosen one is go for a blood test. There are two antibodies in blood which are searched for in the blood test- IgG and IgM. IgG and IgM are the two antibodies produced by the immune system against the herpes virus. If any one of the two is present in the blood, that means they are a result of reaction from your immune system in response to the activities of herpes simplex virus of any type. A positive IgG herpes test indicates that you have herpes. It also tells you that you have been infected with herpes for quite long time now. However, a negative antibodies test may not confirm that you don’t have herpes. The antibodies may take some time to develop an show their presence in blood and hence, right after the infection you may find nothing in your blood. Here, there are chances you will get false results despite being infected.

This is why doctors recommend you to undergo cell culture test when the results of your antibodies test are negative. Cell culture tests for herpes simplex virus are done by taking a swab directly from sores and blisters that are part of a suspected herpes outbreak. This is more accurate in comparison to the conventional blood test. Cell culture test, or viral culture tests give best results when your herpes infection is at its peak. It is the time when the fluid is oozing out of the cold sores. However, once the colds sores begin to heal, in rare cases, the cell culture may give you false negative results. The percentage is quite low, and hence it is better to go directly for the cell culture rather than blood test.

With the test done, if you are diagnosed with herpes, don’t let yourself go into a thinking mode. Just take it as an infection and live a normal life. Gone are the days when herpes patients cursed themselves for being infected. Today, you can live an absolutely normal life even after being infected because of natural products like herpoveda. There are herbs that have been identified to act against herpes simplex virus because of their natural antiviral properties. These herbs can be utilized either alone or in an integrated form like herpoveda. With these natural herbs, the life of herpes patients is no more hopeless, and hence you should take the diagnosis as a part of life. If you have the will to live a healthy life, no one can stop you, not even herpes.

However, it is more difficult to reach the diagnosis stage. May be, because there are a lot of myths being circulated regarding herpes, patients have to suffer a lot. In addition to this, how the virus will behave inside your body will depend on several factors. Hence you cannot predict the intensity and frequency of herpes outbreaks. But, is a place where you can get answer to all your doubts. If you really want to save your body from the destruction of herpes simplex virus, you just need early diagnosis. And for early diagnosis, authentic information about symptoms of herpes as well as to know what’s trending in herpes, you can count on here, you will get all the information related to symptoms of herpes, diagnosis of herpes, some distinguishing signs of herpes that can clearly tell you are infected, and everything else you want to know about herpes symptoms. In short, in today’s world, if you don’t have herpes, you need this information.

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